Orion Art

was founded in 1993 as the pyrotechnics design studio. Nowadays Orion Art conducts the most largely multimedia, laser, water and pyrotechnic shows in Russia.

We project and realise complicated conceptual projects: we find the ideas, write scripts, we conduct and produce, select the most suitable materials and technologies. We create the performances that solve effectively the business-tasks of the client.

In our company there are six departments: design of festivals and large-scale shows, production of multimedia performances and installations, aerial fireworks, laser show, water fountains and screens, internal and international production.

In the company there is graphic design studio where they create concept models and graphic albums of the show, emulation visualization of the show, video range for different projective systems and screens, storyboards and graphic scores. The designers work with two- and three-dimensional graphics, they do video-assembling and composing.

Dmitry Orlikov Дмитрий Орликов, General Director of the company:


We flew by war-transports, went by trains, many tonner trucks and barges, got to our destination with three changes, flew by special charter flight.

Our team worked in megalopolises and in small shift-stations beyond the Arctic Circle, we did fireworks in mountain ravines of Tajikistan and at La Cote d’Azur in France, we performed our show in the frost of –30 and in heat of +40.

We lived in 5 star hotels and in student hostels, we celebrated everything that could be celebrated – from Chinghiz-Khan jubilee to the birth of elephant, we spent half-year on a tour and we came to work for only 10 seconds.


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