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Multimedia show is the entertaining performance, synchronized with music, and in which the most modern show-technologies are connected into the whole, integrated, well-staged action.

Light, sound, fireworks, laser and video projection, actors and musicians, flame and water performances – all these and many other factors become the part of amazing shows, which have no analogues. The creation of multimedia show is the extremely complicated and laborious undertaking procedure.

Multimedia show is the most fashionable performance in modern show industry.


The components of multimedia show

Multimedia show consists of extensive pictures of lights, fireworks, laser graphics, projections and music. The human brain perceives this kind of information well but it reacts to the action only for 15, maximum 30 min. The perception is getting dull, that’s the reason for the duration of multimedia show be limited to 30 min. as a rule.

The components forming visual-sound range play the main part in the multimedia show.

  • Sound: music, singing, narration, sound effects.
  • Lighting: lights, light projectors, laser beams.
  • Pyrotechnics: fireworks and special effects.
  • Images: films, slides, gobos, laser graphics, water screens.

Sometimes show has to be prolonged for more than 30 min. In this case the extensive picture has to with mixed by other elements: lively performance of musical groups, dancing fountains etc. These insets help to keep public’s attention without overloading their impression.

Creating multimedia show






Первое мультимедийное шоу Энди Уорхолла

Andy Warhall invented the term “multimedia show” in 1965 for the work of “Exploding Plastic Inevitable” which united lively rock music, cinema, experimental light and unusual performance.

Velvet Underground & Nico played music for this project.