Day of a city

May 27, 2011, St.-Petersburg

The program of mass actions within the limits of Day of a city has been calculated for three days (on May, 27-29th). Theatre Cracatuk” performance was wonderful. Andrey Makarevich’s concert – is always an event, and Arturo Sandoval’s performance which in Russia, by the way, was given for the first time, confirms absolute organic of cultural events and the general positive spirit. Celebrating of Day of a city of St.-Petersburg has traditionally come to the end with the big fireworks.

The resume: good fireworks are main event of any day of a city. It is indicative, that all programs of celebratory actions is depended on a wide audience, but thus made without any kind of banality.


  • Art director
    • Dmitry Orlikov
  • Technical director
    • Vyacheslav Mashchenko
  • Engineer operator
    • Ilya Biryukov
  • 12 technicians
  • Photo
    • Mikhail Terentyev