Laser show in Tsaritsino” (Festival Circle of Light)

October 10—14, 2014, Moscow, park Tsaritsino

IV International Festival Circle of Light” took place from 10th to 14th of October 2014 in Moscow.

The part of the festival program was in Tsaritsyno” park.

Laser show on the Big Palace became the central installation.

For beam show 24 full-color same laser projectors were involved in statement, with power more than 10 W, and also 9 powerful animation projectors.

The total area of a front animation projection, made more than 1200 square meters.

The plot of the animation movie.
Father is making a boat to his son.
The boy puts his favorite toys in the boat and floats it.
A small boat moves away from the shore. As soon as the boat disappears behind the horizon, the toys come alive…
Begins a magical journey around the world
Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, America, Iceland, the UK, Germany, Russia – after a fascinating journey around the world, the boat comes back.
People see Aurora” making move away after a long parking and raising bridges of St. Petersburg, the Kremlin embankment and the Ostankino” tower.
The boat ties up at shore, a boy pulls it out of the water, the camera moves back and everyone can see that the around the world journey of toys was in … Tsaritsino” lake. The world in miniature.
The duration of the animated movie -10 min.

Interesting facts.
The animation used 3d effects: the bridge across the Strait Victoria” shines light a rainbow; stay rope of the Golden gate” bridge blinks red lights;

Mickey Mouse’s Cadillac flashes high beam headlights; the volcano in Iceland emits real smoke, it’s snows around, around the cruiser Aurora” there are waves of colored smoke poles.

The prototypes of toys travellers were the most popular toys sold over the last 20 years- little man Playmobil (Lego), Teddy Bear and T-Rex (other plastic dinosaur)

It’s interesting but if there’re count the sales over last 5 years, the travelers would be My Little Pony, Monster High and ….the little man from Playmobil (Lego)

The 12th of October the main show was stopped for a few hours because of a concert of a pop singer Dmitry Malikov, for him was made a special laser content duration 25 minutes. Tim Frankin, one of the best creators, designed this laser show in Germany.

In addition to the Palace with laser show there were other installations:

Gilbert Moity (France)
Taegon Kim (France)