Presentation of a logo of the Olympic Games in Sochi-2014

November 30, 2009, Moscow, the Red square

Presentation of an Olympic brand – the responsible program, all over the world they are trying to make it original and recognised. The president of organising committee of Sochi-2014 Dmitry Chernyshenko has declared: «For the first time for all history of games organizers have presented an innovative brand which erases borders between cities and the countries, uniting the most different people. Mirror surface symbolises a duality of Sochi where the warm sea coast adjoins to high snow summits.»

All pyrotechnic show has been made on Pyropak Silver jets stepper waves which moved round the Red square several times.

In design of a pyrotechnic set for the logo it was used spiral stepper where each subsequent convolution of a spiral deviated from the central axis under angles, according to 10 degrees (70, 60, 50). After three convolutions – the general vertical rising.



  • Art director
    • Dmitry Orlikov
  • Engineers operators
    • Ilya Biryukov
    • Vladimir Gurov
    • Andrey Sorokin
  • Project manager
    • Eva Rubinshteyn
  • Technical staff
    • Anton Lastov
    • Maxim Kravchenko
    • Vasiliy Koshelev
    • Sergey Lyskov
    • Vladimir Kondratyev
    • Vitalis Golubev
    • Oleg Gaponov
    • Alexey Shlyapin
    • Ivan Dobrynin
    • Denis Raikov
    • Tatiana Savinova
  • Photos
    • Vadim Savitsky
    • Marina Lystseva

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