The international military-musical festival «Spassky tower»

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September 3—9, 2010, Moscow, Red Square

The world famous festival of military orchestras Military Tattoo (in the Russian variant «the Spassky tower»), became the most significant event in a cultural life of Moscow in the beginning of September. The scale show, in times surpassed in quality sad-budgetary celebrating of the City-day. Therefore spectator interest to «the Spassky tower» was huge. Fathers-founders of the project: Sergey Dmitrievich Hlebnikov and Valery Mihajlovich Halilov have created the true performance, having kept the classical form, have filled it with original, somewhere very unusual maintenance.

To create color harmony between fireworks, the Kremlin walls, Vasily Blazhennogo’s temple and the Spassky tower, pyrotechnic charges with effects of a color combination were used

Or color contrast

Geometrical drawing has been placed accurately on circles and so that in places of color mixture did not arise «shouting noise» (residual brocade background).

On perimeter of stage the pyrotechnic effects working in a stepper mode of waves and the simultaneous liftings were used.

The resume: the Spassky tower – a holiday of good European level, with high quality of the organization and realization. At correct imaging policy can become the face of Moscow not only in Russia, but also abroad.



  • Art director
    • Dmitry Orlikov
  • Program director
    • Eva Rubinstein
  • Technical director
    • Vyacheslav Masсhenko
  • Engineers operators
    • Anton Lastov
    • Ilya Biryukov
    • Sergey Mashchenko
    • Vladimir Malinovsky
  • Project managers
    • Tatyana Savinova
  • 7 technicians
  • Photo
    • Marina Lystseva
    • Michael Lystsev
    • Vadim Savitsky
    • Anton Blinov