Bolshoi theatre opening

October 28, 2011, Moscow

At last Bolshoi theatre reconstruction is ended.

This event has been celebrated by solemn style. On ceremony there has arrived set of the important persons, including the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev.

Organizers have chosen already well familiar lately in Moscow form of the show. After ALFA-show and light Festival, the success to three-dimensional mapping has been guaranteed.

From unusual, we have figured up multiplane stepper shooting of confetti and pyrotechnics. Each shot corresponded to the step of rhythmic drawing of a final part of each music composition.

Right after the show end, during the afterparty, from a fountain, instead of water there was fire which danced according to the music.

The pleasant fact, that Bolshoi theatre opening ceremony became one more «tasty show» in stale menu of the Moscow holidays.