Opening Ceremony of Festival Circle of Light” (Show Ostankino” tower)

October 10—14, 2014, Moscow, Ostankino

IV International Festival Circle of Light” took place from 10th to 14th of October 2014.

The main event of the festival was the opening ceremony, which was dedicated to start a media façade on the Ostankino” TV tower.

The basis of the opening ceremony was a daily festival performance at the Ostankino” lake and grand multimedia show on the  Ostankino” tower.

Fireworks were shot from 36 ground positions and 216 tower positions. The installation of fireworks took three weeks, and advance preparation was about six months.

Search light, was located in two rings around the tower and created in the sky lighting architecture.

Other lights illuminated the external and internal parts of the skirt” of the tower, the whole front part and art-objects on the shore of the lake.

Combining together all of the media-components (light, fireworks, images on the media facade, lasers and music) in a single action we got amazing show, the best of all that ever was held in Moscow.