Cirque du Soleil. «Zarkana».

February 4, 2012, Moscow, Kremlin Palace

«Zarkana» is a new performance of world famous Cirque du Soleil.

This show has been created only for two platforms – the New York Radio City Music Hall and the Moscow Kremlin Palace.

Scale statement: it is a lot of circus; it is a lot of multimedia, almost absolute notice! Enormous work of all team.

Everything in this performance, that has been coupled to a smoke, a fireworks and fire, made by the company Orion-art.

If not to take in attention the sophisticated organization of process (bourgeois management of «Zarkana» all time was in searching of smth.), to devils the bothered repair of the Canadian torches and permanent skirmishes with the harmful clown, it was pleasant to work.

It is interesting, that for «Zarkana» the Kremlin palace has interrogated not only specifications writing for a fireworks and fire, but also everyday (!) exotic flaw detection of gas bottles, X-ray analysis of seams, and also the express analysis of gases before each performance and a gas chromatography of all consignment of gas!

So surprising demands – result of the serious attitude of a management of the Kremlin palace to preparation and conducting of such plotting scale show.

Photos and survey – here



  • Art Director
    • Dmitry Orlikov
  • Program director
    • Eve Rubinshteyn
  • Technical supervisor
    • Vladimir Malinovsky
  • Fireworks
    • Vladimir Gurov
  • Special effects
    • Alexander Yermolaev
  • Art Director of The Kremlin palace
    • Peter Shaboltaj
  • Director
    • Francois Girard
  • Director of Cirque du Soleil Rus
    • Natalia Romanova
  • Director of the program
    • Sergey Gromov

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