Red Nick

December 29, 2011, Moscow, Olympiyskiy

Children’s fairy tale with a touching plot, without platitude and the latent PR. Intelligent director’s decisions and qualitative selection of actors make this performance the favorite in a rating of New Year’s children’s performances.

From all New Year’s“Christmas-trees” taking place in parallel in other halls, «Red Nick» – not only the most pyrotechnic, but also the most technological: a radio channel, Wi-Fi, GPS. Such technical gadgets are not present anywhere else.

The resume: It can’t be named as a real cultural event, but for Olympiyskiy” will be quite good. According to conversations, already the next year, it can turn to a hit children’s musical with a good technical stuff.



  • Art Director
    • Dmitry Orlikov
  • Technical director
    • Vladimir Gurov
  • Project Manager
    • Eva Rubinstejn
  • Engineers-operators
    • Sergej Sgibnev
    • Dennis Raikov
  • Technical staff
    • 7 people
  • Photo
    • Marina Lystseva

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