Forum APEC

September 8, 2012, Vladivostok

Grand multimedia show took place in the bay « Zolotoy Rog» (Golden Horn) in Vladivostok at 8 th of September. This performance was for Forum APEC and became a final chord of the whole programme.

The multimedia show included Laser-pyrotechnic performance fully synchronized with music. The duration of the show is about 19 minutes.

All the equipment was placed on twelve barges that were arranged in the area of water in three rows. The power of light apparatuses came up to 7kWatt, the power of laser – to 40 Watt. The whole quantity of pyrotechnic wares was about 20 000 units.

The audience was more than 270 000 people. Vladimir Putin was a special guest. It was live-on broadcasted by TV channel «Russia».

The work was carried out by the order of state Kremlin Palace and Russian President Administration.

The original music was written by well-known composer Sergei Zhilin.

The design of the show was prepared simultaneously in Russia and Germany. In all more than 150 exceptional light, laser and pyrotechnic pictures were made.

The Forum APEC in Vladivostok – is the largest forum of 21 countries of Asia- Pacific ocean region for cooperation in the field of region trade, for making easy and liberalization of investments.

The aim of APEC is a rise of economic growth and prosperity in the region, and also strengthening of Asia- Pacific association.

The Forum APEC took place in Russia for the first time. The majority of agenda took place on Russky Island, where all infrastructure was built from zero. Especially for the guests of the Forum there were made light installation on the bridge which leads to Russky Island.

The project of world level. The most complicated work in organizing and in production. That was the largest firework in Russia this year.


  • Art Director
    • Dmitry Orlikov
  • program directors
    • Olga Morr
    • Andrey Semin
  • Technical Director (fireworks)
    • Vyacheslav Mashchenko
  • Technical Director (Lasers)
    • Sergei Pavel’ev
  • Technical Director (Light)
    • Christoph Hanle
  • Technical supervisor
    • Ingo Renert
  • Director Technical Services
    • Vladimir Malinovsky
    • Anton Korzakov
  • The design of the light show
    • Jerry Appelt
  • Design multimedia show
    • Hans Mücke
  • Design pyrotechnic show
    • Vyacheslav Mashchenko
    • Tatyana Lukashevich
  • project Managers
    • Vasily Mutafchiev
    • Olga Romash
    • Irina Doronina
    • Anna Sokolovich
  • Graphic album
    • Alexander Lytaev
    • Tatyana Lukashevich
  • PTX-supervisors
    • Jürgen Mayer
    • Michael (Flame) Robinson
  • Photo
  • Technical staff
    • 116 people
  • Artistic director
    • Peter Shaboltai
  • Project Director
    • Sergey Bakin
  • Music producer
  • Project Administrator
    • Igor Motasov