The Festival «Circle of light»

September 28—30, 2012, Moscow, Gorky park

The Second International Festival « Circle of light» is the competition of video-mapping, commercial video-mapping, art-installation, light, laser and video installation. Two ceremonies. The big musical firework on final day.

Gorky park was one of the places of the festival. In the central alley near the fountain there was water curtain of 12х27 meters. Every evening three animated show, one solo laser-ray show and several fountain shows.

Graphic (Andy Warhol)
Water screen, three dimension graphics, laser animation, laser beam-show.

The authors are Petra Bahmayer and Shon Gallero – designers from Chicago. In the middle of 1960s A. Warhol created the term «multimedia show». For more than 40 years the technology progress has made multimedia show the upper line of modern art. The most famous pictures by Andy Warhol used in colorful frames in the colors of the great master of pop-art.

Shadow theatre.
Water screen, two and three dimension graphics, laser animation, laser beam-show.

This work is on reasons of pictures of Alexander Ovchinnikhov. The plot is about magic lamps, inside them are black and white worlds with strange characters who move like in shadow theatre.
The part of the work is made in Moscow and another one – in Dubai.

Evolution of light sources..
Water screen, two -dimension animation, three-dimension graphics, laser animation, laser beam-show.

The authors are Andrey and Olesya Kazantsevs. The chain of short stories from ancient world to our days, which shows evolution of light sources from camp fire to modern lamps.

Laser beam-show.

Very dynamic ray show which was seen far from the park. It was made by 12 mighty lasers.
Design was made in Germany.

Interesting work which public approved. Each show finished with applauses. Obviously this kind of show is in great demand, so in future there will be a lot of various works. Minus – bad sound and not convenient placing of controller towers.



  • Art Director
    • Dmitry Orlikov
  • Program director
    • Sergei Pavel’ev
  • Technical Director
    • Anton Korzakov
  • Designers
    • Petra Bachmaier (USA)
    • Sean Gallero (USA)
    • Alexander Ovchinnikov
    • Alice Volodina
    • Vyacheslav Boatmen
    • Alexander Lytaev
    • Dmitry Trofimov
    • Andrew Kokhanov (Dubai)
    • Andrey Kazantsev
    • Olesya Kazantsev
    • Alex Efarinov
  • Administrators
    • Olga Romash
    • Irina Doronina
  • Photo
  • Organizers of the festival
    • Vladimir Chernikov
    • Mikhail Chizhov
  • Art director of the festival
    • Mary Cherniak

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