International Festival «Circle of light»

October 21, 2011, Moscow

In Moscow with the big success there has taken place international festival «Circle of light». It is the first scale project of the new Moscow Government within the limits of the program of improvement of cultural shape of the Russian capital. As the initiator of event the department of mass-media and advertising has acted.

Event, unusual to Moscow, was shown on three thematic platforms: the Red square, Manezh square, and Gorky Park. Each of territories had the own program.

The red square.

The basic show

Scale light installation (1500 light devices) has reversed image of the square. Sixteen fourteen meter towers with a sound and light have transformed the area into futuristic walking avenue, having divided space on four architectural scenes (Vasily Blazhenny temple, the Spassky tower and the Kremlin wall, the Historical museum, GUM).

The base set lasted 20 minutes and represented five four-minute musical fragments, separated from each other by light-breaks. Light show has begun from Vasily Blazhenny temple (at this time the sound was only there), all other objects of the Red square were only like background.

Having fulfilled an episode, light images have moved to the tower and the wall, together with light the sound has moved also. Further on a circle – a museum, GUM and, in the ending, all objects of the area worked simultaneously (the sound was around). Through a short break performance was started over again.

Show turned over three evenings from 19-00 till 23-00.

Original music for show was written by Dmitry Malikov, and one of the most known light-designers – Jerry Appelt, known with Olympic Games in Sydney, Scarlet sails in Petersburg and a German Eurovision became the author of all light design of festival.

It is necessary to notice, that in absence of any advertising (it was unusual experiment) festival has visited more than 220 000 persons. It is a huge audience for not announced action

Opening ceremony

The big television shooting (TV Center), the air, 20-minutes multimedia performance on motives of free associations of Andy Warhol and Richard Hamilton.

For the first time for a year of board, on mass action there was a mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobjanin who has pressed the button and has given signal to start the festival.

All performance at opening ceremony has been completely synchronized with music and has ended with pyrotechnic show which was spent for the first time in territory along the Kremlin wall from two sides from the mausoleum.

The resume:
The true European holiday. Public had very positive tune. Despite late time and cool weather, many people with children have come. The western designers appreciate highly the level of the festival, naming the level without discounts for the first year, very high, and conceptual decisions – deep, modern, courageous. Have professionally fulfilled: FSS, Police, Carat, the Ministry of Emergency. On festival platforms for all time there were no incidents! For lack of advertising the big interest of foreign mass-media: Germany, France, Italy, the Great Britain, Canada, Japan, and China. It is interesting, that many journalists have been pleasantly surprised, that the new Moscow Government has spent such difficult, from the art point of view, action: after all anything similar at Luzhkov was not conducted.

From minuses – the cool relation to festival of representatives of ROC and some Russian mass-media.



  • Producer
    • Dmitry Orlikov
  • Technical director
    • Ilya Medvedev
  • PRG supervisor
    • Olga Morris
  • Art director and light designer
  • The chief director
  • Technical supervisors
    • Tarmo Krimm
    • Cyril Kosenko
    • Volodya Atyashkin
  • Director of the world
    • Helmut Tsukkerman
  • Metalware
    • Aleksey Zotov
  • Electricity
    • Michael Tsiporin
  • Pyrotechnics
    • Vyacheslav Mashchenko
  • Administrators of the program
    • Eva Rubinstein
    • Sergey Ivanov
  • Director of the opening ceremony
    • Natalia Ivanova
  • photo
  • Artistic director of the festival
    • Maria Chernyak
  • Author of original music
    • Dmitriy Malikov
  • Director of Advertising and PR
    • Sergei Klichanovsky
  • Producer of television filming
    • Marina Kolosov
  • Directed by TV survey
    • Paul Bykovchenko