Competition «Video-art», within the limits of festival
«Circle of light»

October 22, 2011, Moscow

On the second day of the International festival «Circle of light» in the Manezh building competition «Video-art» has taken place. Young designers have presented seven author’s works, each of which represented video-mapping of different degree of complexity.

There were works interesting enough,

With a nice plot,

With non-standard graphic decisions

All selected works had a good level. But one obviously surpassed all the others. Singing of group’s «Caste» voice head, has convincingly told to spectators Manezh history.

This project was presented by Alexey Shustov and has deservedly received festival Grand prix.

During festival on a hotel «Moscow» building was shown the commercial work made under the order. Initially, this mapping the known French artist should do, but he could not arrive. He has been replaced by the other French artist, but he has not understood, why they have invited him, because he does not have experience of works with such big projective surfaces. Wished even to invite Andrey Boltenko, but in connection with his employment to Bolshoi theatre opening ceremonies, have decided not to risk. More shortly, someone all the same has called. Guys have made a difficult content for perception and it was very far from mapping. Most likely, their work resembled the philosophical video clip telling about recurrence of life and light nature, however, it was looked not so convincingly, and sometimes even gloomy.

The resume: idea with competition «Video-art» - excellent! It can be developed and improved, but this year results have pleasantly surprised. For the central commercial displays, of course, it is necessary to invite designers with a name and experience of similar works.



  • Producer
    • Dmitry Orlikov
  • Technical director
    • Ilya Medvedev
  • PRG supervisor
    • Olga Morris
  • Technical supervisor
    • Volodya Atyashkin
  • Director of Video
    • Oliver Hopts
  • Metalware
    • Aleksey Zotov
  • Electricity
    • Michael Tsiporin
  • Administrators of the program
    • Eva Rubinstein
    • Sergei Ivanov
  • photo
  • Artistic director of the festival
    • Maria Chernyak
  • Author of original music
    • Dmitriy Malikov
  • Director of Advertising and PR
    • Sergei Klichanovsky
  • Producer of television filming
    • Marina Kolosov
  • Directed by TV survey
    • Paul Bykovchenko