«A magic arch»

October 22, 2011, Moscow

Within the limits of festival «Circle of light» the part of actions has taken place in Gorky Park.

Separately it is necessary to pay attention to three-dimensional video-mapping on an entrance arch in park.

Originally, organizers suggested to make there interactive show. For this event have brought Frenchmen. Frenchmen have looked at an arch and have suggested not to do any interactive, and to make there multi-coloured light illumination and …that’s all. Not knowing such insignificant fact, that Gorky Park not most party place in October, Frenchmen have offered quite adequate decision. Probably, for this reason from their services, finally, have refused. Not mentioning a long chain of «creative events", all the same have come to decision not to conduct interactive shows (has won common sense), and to make on an arch three-dimensional video-mapping and light installation simultaneously. It looked approximately so:

The arch – difficult for mapping architectural object but to work with it has appeared interestingly.

The entrance to park was represented as Stonehenge

And the Roman gate.

Grew with an ivy

Also turned to ice.

Became covered by «Schizoid man» graffiti

Also it was filled with Warhol acid”.

For some reason the most part of spectators stood on opposite side of the Sadovoe ring (at CHA) and was afraid to pass to the arch. Whether therefrom it was a better vision, whether the militia in underground passage, whether rumor in crowd: in park walks … mayor.

The resume.
Bridges, arches, towers, colonnades can be no less interesting for mapping, than architectural facades.

And sometimes even more.



  • Producer
    • Dmitry Orlikov
  • Technical director
    • Ilya Medvedev
  • The chief director
  • Technical supervisor
    • Andrey Semin
  • Video projection
    • Sergei Gabriel
  • Design and Programming
    • Tatyana Frolova
  • Metalware
    • Aleksey Zotov
  • Electricity
    • Michael Tsiporin
  • Program Administrator
    • Leonid Polonsky
  • photo
  • Artistic director of the festival
    • Maria Chernyak