Concert Linkin Park on Vasilevsky descent

June 23, 2011, Moscow

So has coincided, that Linkin Park is a favorite group of Dmitry Anatolevich Medvedev son.

So has coincided, that the concert on Vasilevsky descent in Moscow has been dated for advertising tour of Transformers”.

So has coincided, that the same day on the Red square there was still a ball of graduates and two stages stood a back to a back.

And nothing more has coincided.

American pyrotechnist could not decide for a long time what he needs.

Then all the same has given out rider. After that he was surprised five times. First time when the rider has been collected for him. The second – when we have mounted for him all equipment. The third – when digital system of last generation have given for programming to him (the guy really thought, that there is a Stone Age in Russia), and he could not program it. The fourth – when to him we programmed the system. And fifth time when we shot all pyros for him. The tourist…



  • Art director
    • Dmitry Orlikov
  • Technical director
    • Vladimir Gurov
  • Engineer operator
    • Alexey Shlyapin
  • Engineers
    • Oleg Gaponov
    • Sergey Sgibnev
  • Photo
    • Vadim Savitsky

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