In 2011 we have executed 256 works for 80 clients

December 30, 2011

Year was rich on events.

We have taken part in all largest shows of Moscow, St.-Petersburg and Berlin. The All-Russia holiday of graduates
«Scarlet sails» (St.-Petersburg) – the largest multimedia show in Europe.

First International Festival «light Circle» (Moscow) – the most significant cultural event of the Russian capital of 2011

«A show 4d-alpha» (Moscow) – magnificent performance of one of the main world stars of multimedia design David Atkins at the Moscow State University.

Tremendous performance of military musicians «Spassky tower» (Moscow).

«Day of Russia» (Moscow) – the scale dramatized show on the Red Square.

Year was generous on the international projects.

The third place at the largest European festival of fireworks «Pyronale» (Berlin).

Complex of creative concepts for multimedia performances from Spain to New Zealand.

The big work in the project «Zarkana» for circus Cirque du Soleil.

Year was quite good.

Happy New Year!